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WinWebMail Server is a fast, robust and secure, full-featured mail server that introduces seamless integration with powerful features and easy-to-use management. It is designed to provide the best corporate-level web mail server solutions.


Supporting numerous standard protocols and services, including SMTP, SSL-SMTP, POP3, SSL-POP3, IMAP4, SSL-IMAP4, WEBMAIL, CA Server, TLS/SSL, S/MIME, DayTime, and other relative RFC protocols.
Supporting digital certificates authentication, with powerful features that allow the users to compose or read digitally signed or encryped secure mails(S/MIME), military level security (4096-bit DH/DSS encryption or 2048-bit RSA encryption.
Unique question/answer utility, along with reliable multi-layer spam protection infrastructure and intelligent spam filtering features simulating the manual-processing service available only in large post offices, which keep junk mail away from the inbox.
TLS/SSL Secure Sockets Layer (1024-bit RSA encryption) security with full support for SSL SMTP, SSL POP3, SSL IMAP4, allowing secure transport of mail messages and efficient protection from Sniffer.     >>>More...


Powerful Network-Storage function, allowing folder management, and memo-attaching for each file stored.
Full-featured folder sharing, including: sharing of private folder and storage folder.
Powerful BBS (public folder) function, capable of holding up to 9999 different BBS.
Powerful three-tier infrastructure for personal and group address book management, including personal contact lists, domain public contact lists and public (system) contact lists, and complete administration features as well as import/export mechanism.
Powerful user-level virtual mailbox function, which enables users to specify any private folder to be their virtual mailbox, and customize auto-forward and auto-response for each virtual mailbox.     >>>More...


Excellent web support, allowing you to send/receive messages through IE. With the help of web-based remote administration capability, you can even access your mail system from web browser without having to log on to the server.
Provides complete calendar and schedule service, making it easier for you to coordinate with other group members.
Customizable mailbox color schemes, allowing administrator to create 9 different color schemes for users to choose from, or even let the users change the color settings to suit their personal taste.
Complete COM interfaces for Webmail development, including numerous objects, methods and properties, in support of advanced users to perform further ASP development on top of WinWebMail.     >>>More...


In real operation, a stand-alone mail server based on 450MHz Pentium II processor with 128M RAM can efficiently support at least 5000 mailboxes.

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