Anti-Virus Engines
1. Supported Anti-Virus Engines (Simply by installing one anti-virus software on the server, you can keep all the customer mail boxes from being flooded by viruses):

McAfee VirusScan for Win32

[McAfee Antivirus 8.5 or above Setting]

[McAfee Antivirus Setting]

Symantec & Norton AntiVirus   [Setting]

avast! Free Antivirus   [Setting]

BitDefender   [Setting]

F-Secure Anti-Virus

Sophos Anti-Virus

Panda Antivirus Platinum

F-Prot Antivirus for Windows

RAV AntiVirus Command Line


2. Download harmless virus samples for test use:
Download eicar

3. Notes:
Using Symantec Virus-Scan Setting up Symantec anti-virus software products
Using ordinary virus scan mode (command line)      If ordinary virus scan mode (non-firewall mode) is used, be sure to disable all firewall capabilities after you install the anti-virus software.
     To avoid any potential incompatibility, it is strongly recommended that you turn off all real-time monitoring/scanning capabilities provided by the anti-virus software you installed, including memory scan, mail scan, file scan etc.
     In order to reduce the system resource usage to the minimum, it is recommended that you disable all the service processes run by your anti-virus program. If your anti-virus program provides auto-update feature, however, you may leave it on if you need to.
Virus firewall mode You may also use virus firewall to assist the server functionality. Currently almost all major firewall engines are supported, e.g., Norton AntiVirus Corporate, Panda, McAfee, InoculateIT, AVP, AVG, Sophos Anti-Virus.

Note: When using virus firewall, you need to configure it for auto-cleaning and turn off virus warning notification, but the virus pattern auto-update may be left on.
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