Use McAfee Antivirus Filter

Functional descriptions:
    After installation of McAfee anti-virus software with the latest virus definitions, please follow these steps to configure your setting, otherwise the WinWebMail antivirus function may fail to work.

Detailed instruction steps:
1. Selected "McAfee VirusScan for Win32" anti-virus software product, and specify the execution directory of the anti-virus software product.
please make sure the execution directory is set to [disk volume]:\Program Files\Common Files\Network Associates\ or the scan.exe that resides in this directory.
   Note1: Use the default filename of the executable programs. Point to SCAN.EXE in McAfee instead of SCAN32.EXE or other programs, otherwise not only the antivirus function may fail, but the mail system will also be affected.
   Note2: Scan.exe does not reside in the installation directory!

2. Disable "On-Delivery E-mail Scanner" function.

3. The WinWebMail installation directories and all its subdirectories must be excluded, or else the mail count may malfunction and generate false mailbox full alert.

4. Disable "Prevent mass mailing worms from sending mail" function.