Major Features
Main features:
     Supporting numerous standard protocols and services, including SMTP, SSL-SMTP, POP3, SSL-POP3, IMAP4, SSL-IMAP4, WEBMAIL, TLS/SSL, S/MIME, DayTime, and other relative RFC protocols.
     Advanced virus protection, with support for popular Anti-Virus engines.
     TLS/SSL Secure Sockets Layer (1024-bit RSA encryption) security with full support for SSL SMTP, SSL POP3, SSL IMAP4, allowing secure transport of mail messages and efficient protection from Sniffer.
     Provides complete calendar and schedule service, making it easier for you to coordinate with other group members.
     Firstly applied Cluster Analysis to spam control and have achieved outstanding application result.
     Powerful three-tier infrastructure for personal and group address book management, including personal contact lists, domain public contact lists and public (system) contact lists, and complete administration features as well as import/export mechanism.
     Supporting digital certificates authentication, with powerful features that allow the users to compose or read digitally signed or encryped secure mails(S/MIME), military level security (4096-bit DH/DSS encryption or 2048-bit RSA encryption.
     Unique question/answer utility, along with reliable multi-layer spam protection infrastructure and intelligent spam filtering features simulating the manual-processing service available only in large post offices, which keep junk mail away from the inbox.
     Powerful user-level virtual mailbox function, which enables users to specify any private folder to be their virtual mailbox, and customize auto-forward and auto-response for each virtual mailbox.
     Powerful Network-Storage function, allowing folder management, and memo-attaching for each file stored.
     Full-featured folder sharing, including: sharing of private folder and storage folder.
     Powerful BBS (public folder) function, capable of holding up to 9999 different BBS.
     Carefully designed electronic voting function, capable of choosing voters from other domains, and can even be bundled with public folder capability to realize a full-featured voting service.
     Excellent web support, allowing you to send/receive messages through IE. With the help of web-based remote administration capability, you can even access your mail system from web browser without having to log on to the server.
     Complete COM interfaces for Webmail development, including numerous objects, methods and properties, in support of advanced users to perform further ASP development on top of WinWebMail.
     Supporting IMAP4 service, allowing users to manipulate messages on the remote server.
     Customizable mailbox color schemes, allowing administrator to create 9 different color schemes for users to choose from, or even let the users change the color settings to suit their personal taste.

Other features:
     Support for both internet and intranet, allowing users to send/receive messages through different network environments, including leased network, ADSL, ISBN, FTTB, Cablemodem, dial-up etc.
     Compatibility with popular email client programs such as Outlook Express, Outlook, Foxmail, Netscape, Eudora, The Bat!, etc.
     Size restrictions for all messages sent or received, and pre-defined actions for mails of different sizes.
     Full set of mail services, e.g., Welcome Message, mail delivery failure notification, over quota alert, virus alert and non-junk-mail confirmation.
     Redirection restrictions and management.
     Both common mails and system response mails can be set to expire either "By times tried" or "By days delayed".
     ESMTP authentication support.
     Telnet logon can be denied through appropriate settings.
     Unlimited powerful settings for ISP mailbox sending and receiving.
     Group mail dispatch and mailing list.
     Data extraction from short messages.
     Multiple-domains.(unlimited number of domains)
     User account import/export.
     Blocking messages containing attachment with unwanted filename or file extension.
     Spam filters can be defined for specific mail address, IP address and domain, and regular expression can be used to perform pattern matching.
     Manual and automatic backup and disaster recovery. User can choose from two different backup methods.
     System-level and domain-level dual monitoring.
     Multi-lingual versions WebMail.
     Supporting DNS cache, in an effort to facilitate outbound sending.
     Logging function, allowing viewing and manipulating of log data.
     Full support for multiple network adapter installment, and the can be configured with different IP address separately.
     Speed engine functionality supported, which dynamically adjusts the system performance according to different hosts, thus taking full advantage of the hardware configuration.
     Auto-redirection and auto-purging of expired mails.
     Statistics and graphical display.
     Reading/download receipt function.
     Supporting service restriction for SMTP and POP3/IMAP4.
     Keyword filtering and advanced filtering for entire body content.
     Restricted access mode for each user. (http/smtp/pop3,imap4)
     Per domain quota control.
     Account reservation.
     Auto re-direction of external mails.
     Domain names can be set to expire, and when they do, all the user account under the domain will be frozen.
     Outgoing junk mail filtering.
     Protection from connection attacks.
     Restriction of IP address or address range from which administrators can log on.
     Powerful batch conversion functionality, allowing batch update of account properties.
     Account type conversion, allowing the conversion from a common account to an account with domain.
     Clearing of unused mail box.
     Batch import of users and multi-system users merging capability.
     Control over received items domain.
     Setting for open test account.
     Customization of public user accounts, including: minimum length of username and password, default access method, account type (with or without domain info) and other register information. Four different account activation methods are supported:
        Activate immediately.
        Activate after administrator's approval.
        Activate after administrator's approval or through email.
        Activate after the verification code is confirmed.
     Supporting mailbox application approval.
     Web logon can be denied through appropriate setting.
     Space occupation management, capable of managing of up to 100 users with the maximum space occupation.
     Customization of default inbox size, allowing different default size for each domain.
     Capable of access probability restriction.
     Support for unrestricted IP configuration.
     Customizable registration form, allowing administrator to define the items that users need to fill in when they sign up for a new account.
     Support automated email gathering.
     Support importing account information from other mail systems such as Exchange Server, MDaemon, IMail.
     Support HELO/EHLO host filtering.
     Support random reminder under WebMail.
     Support diagnosis service for sending/receiving problems.
     Support outgoing message restriction (for individual accounts).
     Support trusted accounts setting.
     Support setting up stand-alone accounts administrators.
     Support WebMail template customization for new account application.
     Full support of email send/receive of punycode encoded domain names.
     Support quota setting of identical messages allowed.
     Support reverse domain name verification at SMTP server.
     Support junk mail bait capability.
     Support mail server relay.
     Support action settings for system events.
     Support Greylisting function.

User functionality:
     User-level auto-reply, advanced auto-reply, auto-redirection, scheduled delivery, forwarding, quick contact list, mail rejection, mail filter, contact list, color setting, multiple signatures(support html),digital certificate, trash box auto-purging, shared folder management, voting, public folder viewing, mail search.
     Users can specify unlimited number of POP3 for mail collection.
     Allowing password changes.
     account protection capability.
     Users can create, manage and share their private folder and storage folder.
     Users can compose HTML mail in a web browser.
     Users can use the notepad to take down important info.
     Supporting user-level trusted list, in order to prevent important messages from being either deleted or moved to trash box by system filter or rejection functionality.
     Support templates for reply/forward.
     Support action settings for user events.
     Support quick contact creation.
     Users can set up extensive anti-spam strategies, including:
        Operation against spam.
        Receive mails from within the system.
        Receive mails from private address list.
        Receive mails from mail-sent emails.
        Receive mails from mail-sent domains.
        Enable sending confirmation for non-spam mail.
        Enable receiver address identification function.

Domain administrator functionality:(System admin can designate a different domain admin for each domain. System administrators has all the domain admin privileges)
     Domain Mail Catchall allows the domain admin to receive all the email sent to that domain (unlimited number of aliases).
     Domain Mail Monitor allows the domain admin to monitor all the mails sent or received within that domain.
     Domain Welcome Message Configuration allows the domain admin to customize welcome messages that will be sent to new users within that domain.
     Domain Ad Functionality allows customization of the information that will come at the bottom of each mail sent through web browser within that domain.(Support HTML format)
     Domain MailingList allows the domain admin to send mass mail within that domain.
     Support action settings for domain events.
     User management functions, in the administered domain, to:
        Check account profile.
        Add, delete, deactivate, activate account.
        Change the size of user mail box within the range of permitted space.
        Change account password.
        Change account memo.
        Specify user access method.
        Set up the external mail send permission for account.
        Set up expire date for account.
        Specify the maximum number of private folder allowed for each account.
        Allow/disallow the SSL access for each account.
        Clear mails in a user's mailbox.

Accounts Administrator functionality:
     User account management.
     Approval of mailbox application.
     User space management.
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