Use Symantec & Norton Antivirus Filter

Functional descriptions:
    Using Symantec security product may achieve a high performance of virus checking, but it's unable to identify the name of the virus.

Detailed instruction steps for setting up Symantec security product:
    1. Enable "File System Real-time Protection".
    2. For both macro or non-macro viruses, the first action you should take is to delete the infected file, and the Virus Alert must be disabled.
    3. To reduce the CPU usage, it is recommended to use exclusion.
    4. Select "Exclude selected files and folders" check box in the option list, and click "exclusions".
    5. An exclusion setting dialogue pops up.
    6. Click "File/Folders".
    7. A windows showing files and folders pops up.
    8. Exclude all folders except \temp in the WinWebMail installation directory so that the real-time protection will perform virus checking only in this folder. Note: If \temp folder does not exist, create it first before setting up this option. The \mail directory and all its subdirectories should be excluded to avoid miscount of mail items and false "mailbox full" alert.